Wednesday, December 4, 2013

thoughts on WRITING

THOUGHT is a force --- the beginning of life. It all began/begins with A THOUGHT. And i am thinking right now about HEBREW LAW (Torah and Talmud). According to their book of EXODUS, these laws were given to the Israelites by God and were written on two stone tablets that Moses, their leader, showed them while dwelling in Sinai. According to archaeologists, Moses must have lived at the end of the Bronze Age, around 1200 BC; though he ordered his followers--ex-slaves-- not to use iron tools when making an altar, this according to their book Deuteronomy (27:5). The Israelites had not yet an established writing system as slaves and nomads (shepherds) did not have scribes to record their daily lives and history; this was done at scriptoria at the Palace/Temple. So my little gray cells (thoughts) deducted that the writing on those famous stone tablets must have been hieroglyphic; which the slaves/Israelites were familiar with from Egypt. Any other thought (idea) is welcome.