Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Valentine Day is the day of Red Roses. The heart and the red rose "symbolize" LOVE. Today, folks talk of "loving" cupcakes, their pets, parents, kids, going to the movies, the beach ---- whatever! It seems to me that the word LOVE has replaced LIKE. Why no distinction? Please give me your input.

In Greek mythology MNEMOSYNE (memory) was the mother of the Nine Muses.

TIME TO SHOW SOME HEART is the headline of an article on "Europe's economic woes." It's "old-fashioned/dated" to talk about 'showing some heart.' TIME TO SHOW SOME COMPASSION fits this millennium. Zen Buddhists will nod their heads.

There's a published memoir (memory) with the title STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART. How about STRAIGHT FROM THE MIND: Reflecting on the Past (or Recollecting the Past). I'm thinking about MY MEMOIR. As you know by now, I "adore" flowers, and chose as my pen name CAMELIA ROSE (Camélia: spelled French). So, i may consider my title accordingly: I WASN'T BORN TO BE A WALLFLOWER.....lol

Friday, June 7, 2013

The human heart...

In ancient times people believed that the heart was the organ of "life and speech". So they would say to each other: "Let's have a heart to heart talk!"

Students learn the koran "by heart."
The heart was the key to the mind and the soul. And it was also the seed of all passions.

PASCAL wrote that the heart knows reasons that reason will never know.