Saturday, January 11, 2014

obesity and our past eating habits

Thought on FOOD for 2014 We used to eat our food "raw" - from hand to mouth. Have you thought about it, that we are the only ones on this globe that prepare our food? It started when we discovered how to make a fire. For millennia, the wood-burning "barbecue" pit was our kitchen. Today, thanks to gas and electricity at home (and pots and pans) we have a clean and efficient way to prepare foodstuffs. Suddenly, some cooks/chefs/nitritionists are telling us that we should return to the days of our ancestors and eat raw foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts; refraining from eating grains because they must be cooked. They claim that cooked carbohydrates are causing obesity. I shake my head. My grandmother prepared three square meals a day. But she had no refrigerator for leftovers to snack on. The culprit is the refrigerator bursting with ready-to-eat foodstuffs and kitchen shelves stacked with boxes laden with sugary snacks. The only way to check overweight is portion control. And that also goes for sugary drinks.